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USPA NEWS - French President Macron continues do dominate the news agenda as he increased his pace of trips across France (Bas Rhin, Hérault), to be "in contact with the French", since his TV’s speech on 17 April…The Head of State struggles to calm down the French People, still rejecting the unpopular Pension Reform, despite its validation by the Constitutional Court, ten days ago.
His approach is daring and full of courage, although it comes up against the dissatisfaction of trade unionists and certain members of the opposition as well as citizens still angry at the pension reform. Today, April 24, it has been exactly one year since Emmanuel Macron was re-elected for a five-year term, winning the presidential election against Marine le Pen.
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HUNDREADS OF PROTESTERS ARE BASHING POTS & SAUCEPANS CONCERTS President Macron started a server of real visits throughout France, to calm down the anger over the unpopular pension reform, after it was validated by the Constitutional Court. This citizen anger was expressed violently often by boos, insults and concerts of banging saucepans at each point of his movements against the President of the Republic as well as the ministers and the PM Elisabeth Borne, in parallel movements. There were even voters part of the popular improvised demonstration who followed the President wherever he traveled, in front of the mayor’s place in East of France (Village Muttershotltz). Since then, the Prefect has banned the banging saucepans, in the surroundings of a visit’s place of the head of State. Elizabeth Borne, had the same unwelcoming in Chateauroux, where thirteen streets, were closed by the Prefect, to stop the bashing pots, to reach her out.
It all started during the President Macron’ s Tv address of last Monday 17 April, 2023, as hundreds of protesters, hit their posts and span sauces, in front of few city halls, in Paris and other cities. Since then, the banging of pots and pans grew up, like if it was a way to exhale their anger and in a harmless way, launching a new form of protest that is not silent, but loudly. The demonstrators who banged frying pans and pan lids, used their imaginery to make as much a s possible nice to cover the voice of the head of state using also whistles and horns, as if they meant « we will not hear you, because you did not hear us »
“It’s not saucepans that are going to allow France to move forward,” said President Macron.
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The recent trips of the President Macron in the Herault where he had gone to announce the good news of a salary increase for teachers, faced the same bashing pots by angry demonstrators. The unionists CGT Energy, had even cut the power remotely, at the school where Emmanuel Macron was to be welcomed…The President of the Republic Macron had replied during his address, and is giving himself by next July 14 "100 days to relaunch his five-year term and regain the momentum of the nation". On their side the CGT, Union promises “The union announces “100 days anger, 100 days to win” in reference to the “100 days”. Recently, the CGT claimed 2 power cuts at Montpellier airport and in a college in Hérault during a trip by Emmanuel Macron...”
President Macron then recalled that incident over his visit in the rural places, during his interview with Le Parisian Journal.
“Do you realize that the electricity of a clinic has been cut! “, criticizes Emmanuel Macron who ensures at the same time that he wants to work with all the trade union organizations…. For the moment the unions refuse to show the Head of State, except if it is to announce the withdrawal of this reform. of retirement.

President Macron, wishes to speak directly to the French, despite his current unpopularity.
In a long interview granted to the Journal Le Parisien, yesterday Sunday, the Head of State answers a dozen readers, in an interview without filter.
He regrets the lack of communication proposed for the retirement reform and always open to dialogue while regretting the lack of civility, he explains that he accepts the challenge but not the incivility which consists in deafening him with the noise of concerts of saucepans, insults boos, etc, "Yes to protest, no to incivility" "when you can talk [...] When you have people who are only there to cover your voice, throw things at you, it's called l 'incivility', he supports the readers of the Ile-de-France daily.
And promises to: he will "re-engage in public debate because there are things that are unclear." because he believes that this pension reform, which extends the retirement age from 62 to 64, is necessary for deficit reduction and will "restore muscle" to France, as a precursor to future "other great construction sites".
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Source: Le Parisian Journal
The President of the French Republic concedes a mea culpa all the same, and that he "should have gotten more wet" to defend her. "The first element that did not work is that we did not install the idea that there was a need to make this reform" The polls, meanwhile, reflect this anger, with figures of appreciation down with 69% of French people who believe that the re-election of Emmanuel Macron on April 24, 2022 was a bad thing for the country. Disagreement, disappointment and anger are the words that best describe the state of mind of the French towards him. (BFMTV/Elabe survey) The latter, which extends the retirement age from 62 to 64, "gives muscle back" to France, he says, pointing to deficit reduction and "other major projects" possible thanks to it.
A year after re-electing Emmanuel Macron as head of the country, the time to take stock has arrived for the French. And for 69% of them, or seven out of ten, the re-election of the Renaissance candidate was a bad thing for the country, according to a "L'Opinion en direct" survey conducted by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV published on Monday. Conversely, 30% of French people consider that his re-election was a "good thing".
According to the same Elabe poll for BFMTV, the words that come up the most among the French about the President Macron are disagreement (44%), disappointment (42%), anger (39%) and hostility (26%). ). Negative words that are far ahead of more positive words such as respect (13%), support (10%), satisfaction (7%) or sympathy (7%).
This perception of the action of the Head of State is also reflected in the loss of the support of part of his electorate, and in particular of nearly a quarter of his base and more than 40% of his voters in the second turn, who judge his action "disappointing". More generally, the action of the President of the Republic since his first election in 2017 is considered "disappointing" by two out of three French people, or 66%. A figure that has been increasing since last July, and which has just settled close to the level reached at the time of the yellow vests (69% in November 2018). A large majority of French people also believe that he has not profoundly transformed the country since 2017, with 31% of those questioned who think that he "did not change the country" and 53% for whom he "has changed only some aspects of the country". Source BFM, TV
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« WE HELD ON » PRESIDENT MACRON SAID TO MEMBERS OF RENAISSANCE HIS MAJORITY POLITICAL PARTY The months that separate us from this spring evening have certainly not been. But we held on. With all our strength, we are committed to building a more independent country in a stronger Europe. Everywhere in France, you mobilized to make our project win and convince, in mainland France and in the Overseas Territories. From the bottom of my heart, I want to reiterate my gratitude and appreciation. I know what I owe you. What also owe you all our compatriots so deeply attached to universal suffrage and our democratic institutions. I also know the doubts and concerns that are yours. Nothing would be worse than giving in to attacks by populists or letting the voices of progressives be drowned out by the cries of demagogues. Nothing would be worse than deserting the field and thus remaining deaf to the sometimes very legitimate expectations, proposals and criticisms of our compatriots. (Excerpt from Emmanuel Macron, email addressed to members of his Renaissance Presidential majority party)
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